Hole at the Pole is an environmental Christmas show for young and old. The Green Christmas Musical features 12 original songs, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and five main elves with endearing personalities. Traditional holiday fare combines with scientific discovery as Santa and his elves confront the effects of global warming. It is early December and the temperatures at the North Pole are mysteriously higher than usual. Scientists dispatched to Santa's Workshop determine the polar icecaps are melting and that rising temps will soon turn Santa's Iceway to slush, preventing his sleigh from taking off on Christmas Eve. Everyone must act to help repair the climate so that Santa will be able to deliver presents to children around the world. Can changes be made before December 25th? Will the Iceway be saved or is Santa stuck at the North Pole forever?

At Santa's Workshop - A spirited song about a day in the life of the elves. (Watch YouTube Video | Buy MP3: iTunes or Amazon)

Magical Holiday - A work song detailing the fun and joy of Christmas. (Watch YouTube Video | Buy MP3: iTunes or Amazon)

Elf Artistry - Santa motivates each elf to continue his/her creative specialty.

There Must Be Snow - This song explains the need for snow on the Iceway.

Every Year We Wait for Christmas - A beautiful ballad between Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The Too Hot Blues - Temps are high, spirits are low and everyone is HOT.

Winter Where It's Warm - A tropical song about the virtues of warm weather in winter.

Green Christmas - Scientists warn the elves about global warming. Santa's helpers vow to change their workshop practices and spread the message to the world. (Watch YouTube Video | Buy MP3: iTunes or Amazon)

Maybe With a Little Luck - Mrs. Claus' song of encouragement.

Our Brand of Love - The elves sing about the toy manufacturers whose products they distribute at Christmas.

If We Believe - Mrs. Claus and the cast offer a message of hope and inspiration.